An excellent job with communicating the struggles, frustration, despair and perseverance migraine patients encounter.

Janelle Schafer

Amazing. Sad. Inspirational. A must see for anyone in primary health care.

Roger O'Toole

The film captures the entire family experience – patient, spouse, parent – authentically spot on.

Tammy Rome

Migraine doesn’t kill, but it kills the soul.


Very powerful! An important message to get out to the medical professional and public.

Bobbi Sue Brown

I don’t suffer from migraine, but watching the film has made me understand completely how it feels to live with them, and the importance of investigating more about them. It’s a film which I personally want to show everyone, to make them understand what is the meaning of the ‘migraine.’


Grabbed my heart strings from the beginning. Made me feel horrible how I treated an employee who suffered from migraines.


Very moving, just the motivation I needed to finish my PHD about migraine! I want to show this to all my colleagues!

Linda Buntinx


Simon Evans, Migraine Action

This film gives voice to many aspects of migraine as a neurologic disorder and as a human experience. Congratulations and thanks.

Dr. Richard Lipton, Executive Director, Montefiore Headache Center

EXCELLENT. The stories were phenomenal.

Mary Franklin, Executive Director, National Headache Foundation