Out of My Head

A moving, illuminating and necessary film.

Annette Insdorf, Film Historian, Educator and Author, Columbia University

Out of My Head is Now Available Worldwide

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Out of My Head is now available on DVD and streaming platforms!

Links for VOD rental and download in the UNITED STATES and CANADA:

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INTERNATIONAL Link for VOD rental and download outside the United States and Canada:

Vimeo VOD

In addition to the award winning feature, the Out of My Head DVD has:

* 7 exclusive bonus scenes

* 57 minute educational version

* Closed captioning & Audio description

* French, German, Italian and Spanish subtitles - both versions

* Danish subtitles - feature version

We encourage USA and Canada residents to support independent cinema by purchasing the DVD through Kino Lorber. It is also available at Amazon.

For DVD sales outside the USA and Canada, please visit Human Arts Association.


We have partnered with Kino Lorber EDU to release Out of My Head on DVD and through streaming platforms in the United States and Canada.

For-Profit/Corporate Sales & International Screenings

Use Out of My Head to help increase awareness and understanding of migraine, an invisible and disabling disease, the third most prevalent in the world.